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Where are we?

In 2007 we heard from a few clients- okay, quite a few- that we aren’t easy to get ahold of. This isn’t because we are crazy aloof artists! We love families- yours and ours. As we are striving to give you the best experience possible we are trying to make us more available! First step is to let you know when we are in the studio! The studio is by appointment only- but we are there with fairly set hours.
Mondays- 2-5
Tuesdays- 11-5
Wednesdays 12-5
Thursdays- 11-5
Fridays- as needed
These hours aren’t set in stone- but it gives you a good idea when you may reach us!
We also don’t answer the phone when we are shooting or with clients. We want to give them our complete attention. So, please leave us a message. We will certainly return it as soon as we can.
Email is great because I (Janine) can answer them anytime time of the day!

Also- check the blog! This is where I will post anytime we have destination shoots, specials, etc.
Of course I have to post some photos- so since this post was really about loving our families- here is my not so little anymore guy!

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