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Wedding Albums…Why You Seriously NEED One | Omaha Wedding Photographer

So…I’m gonna get real for a second.  Here’s the thing…you need a wedding album.  This is not an “upsell” post, it’s an honest heart-to-heart.  If you haven’t noticed already, we’re extremely passionate about what we do for our clients.  We throw everything we have into our work and growing specifically in documentary photography. We don’t do this to toot our own horns.  We truthfully do this because we’re on a mission to preserve your memories for you…for your kids…for your grand-kids, just as we want to do this for ourselves.  As we grow up (because we’re going to keep growing up), as I’m sure you’ve noticed, things change.  Life changes.  People we love come and go, in good ways, and bad.  We get older.  We forget things.  We forget people.  We lose track of time.  These are the exact reasons we shoot the way we do, and honestly, why we shoot in general.

We hear all the time that “we just need the files and print release”.  Yes…you do…BUT…have you done anything with them?  Will you ACTUALLY do something with them after you get back from your honeymoon, and you go back to work, and you buy a new house, and move, and then get pregnant, and then have a baby?  If you just paid $X,XXX to ONLY throw them on Facebook, I will cry.  I’ve seen it done.  These are the MEMORIES of your biggest day, thus far!  This is your story, and stories belong in books.

One of the main reasons you need an album is this:
See…the image on the left, for those of you born in the 90′s, is what they called a “3.5 floppy disk”.  I used these to store book reports and Microsoft Paint doodles in the late 90′s.  Per the interweb, they were introduced in the mid 90′s and phased out by 2003 (that’s only about 10 years of serious storage use, guys!).  Then came recordable CD’s and DVD’s, which I remember first using in college from 2001-2003 (and I went to ITT Tech guys…ITT “Tech”)…and THOSE are on the way out..again, about 10 years later!  Now we’re using flash drives…I presume for maybe another 3 years?!  And now there’s this “cloud” thing…

This might actually be a hurricane…but in my head, “the cloud” looks like this.

So, what I’m getting at…is that photo on the right up there.  Those adorable old lovebirds on their old beast of a laptop. At your 50th wedding anniversary party that your 16 grand-kids throw you, that CD of images you wanted that you did nothing with…that flash drive of images that you only put on Facebook (does anyone remember Myspace?  You get my point.), literally, will not work.  Or you’ll have to pay a fortune trying to find some antique guy in 2064 with a MacBook from 2014.  Not only do WE change, technology changes.  All these storage medias WILL fail.  It’s not a matter of if, but when.  Word on the street is that computers aren’t even good for more than 3 years now.  This, above all, is why you need a wedding album.  So please…please, please have a wedding album…because you don’t want to hunt down the weird antique guy in 2064.

McKenzie…I’m a tech nerd.  So be it.

*these fancy images, with the exception of our pretty album photo, were downloaded from free Microsoft Clipart.  Boom.

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