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Vince + Kara | Omaha Wedding Photographer

Vince and Kara are simply amazing and gracious people.  Their families are amazing.  Their friends are amazing.  I could gush about them and their wedding day in a completely absurd way, so I’ll try and hone it in.  I love that as much as it was beautiful in every way, it was a thoughtful day.  Watching Kara’s friends watch her get ready, was amazing.  That sounds weird…but there is something so sweet about watching a group of girls that is SO HAPPY for their friend.  It’s infectious.  Kara’s mom and dad drove her to the church, which I loved.  It gave them a moment to sit and be excited together about her upcoming future.  It was such a special moment.  Watching Vince’s excited and nervous face as Kara came down the isle, was priceless.  It’s so outwardly visible that he adores absolutely everything about her and thinks she’s the most radiant woman he’s ever seen.  You can really FEEL the love they have for each other.  Their faces are beaming in their photos…and I can hear a cute excited squeal behind every single one of them.  I want to blog every single photo we took…gahhhh.  And…guys.  They had a fireworks show at their reception.  Fireworks.  My favorite thing in the entire world, next to my son, who was born on the 4th of July…with fireworks.  It. Was. Amazing.

Kara, Vince, and families…THANK YOU for having Janine and I on your special day.  We had so much fun and felt like we were part of the family (and we’re a little sad we’re not).  Mr. & Mrs. Root…Mr. & Mrs. Bellino…you have raised incredible, incredible young adults.  They are kind, funny, and thoughtful.  You’ve taught them well.  Kara and Vince…you guys are a riot to watch and be around.  It has been so fun watching you guys be so excited to start your future together.  I have smiled and laughed the entire time editing your photos!  Congratulations!!


Dress: Rhylan Lang (Stunning.)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ellynnen Bridal (Gorgeous.)
Mensware: Jerry Ryan (So sharp!)
Hair & Makeup: One Drake Place (They’re amazing.)
Flowers: Flowers for Special Occasions (One of our faves)
Videographer: JF+M (Our most favorite dudes on earth.  We feel they’re the man version of Janine and I.)
Band: On the Fritz
Cake: Cake Lady Karen…Karen Brofey (So good.)
Catering: Omaha Country Club
Limo Bus: VIP Limo


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