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TBT Molly and Luke // Omaha Wedding Photographer

It was awesome to be a part of Molly and Luke’s wedding because I also got to shoot Molly’s sister’s wedding.  There is no better feeling than being able to show up and know the people because we are already all friends! I remember doing their wedding party photos downtown and. . . the goose!- Janine

1. My favorite memory is knowing we were together with our closest friends and family celebrating us. It’s so fun to look at our album and see everyone’s huge smiles.

2. I loved seeing everything come together. You have all these important decisions to make like flowers and cakes and will the tablecloths look good with the centerpieces. Seeing the reception all put together felt so magical.

3. My advice is to get a wedding binder started. This was my moms idea and I’m so glad I have it, 9 years later. It helped as we were planning and it’s so fun to look back on. We stuck all the papers for different vendors in their dividers so it was organized and we knew right where to look. I have friends that ask to see my binder for ideas. I’m really excited to show my daughter the binder even though everything will probably be way outdated!

I also just have to add how thankful I am you got a picture of a goose with Luke and I. He’s a hunter and as we were taking pictures in the old market he saw a goose and really wanted a picture with it. Do you remember? Anyway It’s a full page in our album and it makes me so happy because he didn’t have any wedding requests but this picture means a lot to him.


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