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TBT Kelsi and Tim // Omaha Wedding Photographer

I remember the transportation showing up late to the wedding.  It was really hot out and the wedding party was standing outside of the church waiting for them to arrive. They didn’t let that ruffle their feathers though- pretty sure they just cracked open some cold ones!  I also remember being in awe of their gorgeous venue.  It was a photographers dream:) They have the most beautiful family now and it makes my heart so happy to photograph their babies. – Janine

When I think back to our wedding, almost 7 years ago, the first and most cherished memory that comes to mind is that of our first dance. In that moment, nothing else mattered. All I saw was my husband and the future we would have together. And, of course, wedding stress– gone.

The thing I loved most about our wedding day was that it brought our families and friends together. Some traveled across oceans to be with us for the big day, and to have them there was truly special. My husband and his friends, all pilots in the Air Force, are rarely all in the same place at the same time, and when they’re together you know they are going to make it worth it!

My advice? Soak it all in. It happens in a blur.

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