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TBT Ashley and Josh // Omaha wedding Photographer

I remember this day so well.  These guys are just gorgeous.  They are beautiful on the outside- but also on the inside.  They love each other like crazy and that came through the entire day.  I also remember their big family and how they all just loved each other.  Ashley now has a little precious girl who happens to be only a few days older than my Millie! – Janine

1. It is so hard to choose my favorite wedding moment but it is between the special moment with my dad before we walked down the isle or after we were married my husband and I walking out of the ceremony as newly weds!

2.What I loved about my day was the fact that all of our “people” were there. They were there to celebrate our love and we could all be at one place at one time!

3. Take time to enjoy every moment, it goes so fast. Also, whatever happens on your wedding day will be perfect no matter if it goes as planned or not, thats what makes it YOUR special day! So don’t stress, RELAX and have fun!omaha wedding photographer

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