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Snow in Love | Omaha Engagement Photographer

Get it?  Snow in love?  So in love?  Anyone?  I think I’m funny today…and it’s snowing AGAIN here in Nebraska, so I just can’t help myself.

Anyways…I really, really, really LOVE when my friends are in love.  Regan and Mariah have been dear friends of mine for many years and I am SO excited that they’re finally getting married.  I’m ALSO extremely excited that they will be getting married at the Catamount Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this summer.  Honestly, I love any place that has the word “Ranch” in it…and I kind of get butterflies in my tummy thinking about how gorgeous their day is going to be to document.

When discussing their engagement photos a while back, the brief topic of “fluffy snow” pictures came up…and then it never snowed.  Then we thought, well, maybe we’ll take one of these nice random 50 degree days that we get sometimes here in the Midwest, and then it snowed.  A lot.  9 inches of it…in one day.  And then I thought that maybe that would be too much snow…and it really ended up being perfect.  What I loved so much about their shoot is that they really embraced the day.  It was one of those days where they could have called and said, “no…it’s too cold.  Let’s reschedule”.  But they trusted me, and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Regan and Mariah…I love you guys so much and I’m so proud to have you clowns as my friends.  Laughing with you guys made these photos easy and I can’t wait to “historify” your day.  Congrats!

- McKenzie

  • February 25, 2013 - 9:42 pm

    Mariah - Love them Mac! You make magic happen!

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