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Ponca Hills Engagement | Kate + Jay

Fall in love in Ponca Hills

Omaha Engagement Session

We fall in love with our clients the second they send us their story through our contact form.  We fall deeper in love with them when they come into the studio and we meet for the first time.  And then we fall madly in love with them at their engagement session.  It’s one thing to hear a persons love story, but it’s completely different when we get to document it.  To experience it.  Our hearts become a-flutter.

Kate and Jay first met each other in preschool, and as you can see, their love bloomed (springtime pun) and here we are.  We did their engagement photos in Ponca Hills where they both grew up, live, and will continue their legacy.  Jay purchased the home he grew up in…that his dad built years ago, and it was important for them to have their engagement photos done there.  They get it.  Documenting their love surrounded in family history was a treasure.  Knowing that this is truly a chapter in the legacy of this home, and their lives was incredibly cool to witness.  These are the sessions we love.  The ones that you know get put in the chapters of a life built.

We are so excited to continue our pagework with these guys.  Capturing their love for the future is going to be a fun one, indeed.

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