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It is so important to take have REAL photos taken.  Photos that show who you are…who you love…and what matters to you.  It is equally important to print these photos.  When I photograph my own family- I always just pick my favorites.  It always amazes me that the ones that don’t get chosen always resonate with me much differently 5 years down the road.  Suddenly the extra 5 lbs, the half smile, the bad haircut, etc just don’t matter as much as they did before.  The moments however mean SOOO much more.

We have been going through old files while working on a new project here at the studio.  As I looked through files of old clients, their photos had the same effect on me.  I found photos that became so meaningful to me, and they weren’t even of my family!  Here is one example:

I got to know this family when I shot a wedding.  I always fall in love at a wedding, and I was lucky enough to photograph this family a few more times.  I barely know this couple.  But this Dad is a part of one of my very favorite wedding memories that I have been a part of.  He wrote and sang his daughter a song during the ceremony.  It stood out because he wasn’t the best musician, or the best singer.  But he WAS the best Dad that day and was real and showed his love to his daughter.  I’ll never forget it and yet it isn’t even my family.  I know that today this Dad is in a much more heavenly place.  When I found this photo I knew his daughter had to have it and had it mailed to her.  This is just one example of MANY I could show.  (Maybe we’ll start a new blog series!)

The lesson therefore is BE REAL, PRINT your photos and create that legacy for your own family!


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