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We’ve started a new blog series called Photos Matter here at the studio, and we’ve been getting some really great submissions from our clients on their favorite photos we’ve captured for them in the past, and why they’re important to them now.  We’re feelers.  We shoot with our hearts to give you images that look like life, love, and joy…and we’re passionate about it.  While we’re in the midst of putting those stories together to share, I wanted to share my own…one of MANY that mean the most to me, and why.

This kid is growing up…and as much as I’m in denial about it, and as often as he reminds me that he’s 5 and A HALF, I adore him at this age.  We have the silliest and most endearing conversations, and I wouldn’t trade those for all the riches in the world.  I can take him to visit the train station, play with the wheels, and watch him as he gawks in awe at these giant machines…and we can walk around…and we can take long car drives and have really disgusting Cheeto faces…like in these photos, because this is him, now:

But one of the photos that means the most to me, which Janine probably doesn’t even know, even though she took it, is this one, from when Rylan was maybe a week or so old:

This picture makes me so happy…and calm…and reminiscent of this now grown up boy, being only 6 pounds, in the heat of July 2008.  This picture reminds me of how it felt to hold this sweet boy and rock him to sleep.  This picture makes me remember that my favorite place to rest him was right by my neck so I could feel his little breath huffing and puffing.  I choke up when I look at this picture, in the best way…because it makes me feel…and reminds me of how it felt to hold this baby back then, and for that, I’m grateful.

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