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Omaha Wedding Vendor Spotlight | Dundee Digital Wedding Films (JF+M)

When you’re in the wedding industry, you tend to work with a lot of the same people week after week, and we thought it would be fun to highlight some of those people and what they do!

This is Jeff and Adam from Dundee Digital Wedding Films (located on 50th & Dodge).  We adore them and their work and secretly think they’re the male version of the two of us.  Any time we get to work on the same wedding together, we spend the day laughing, cracking jokes, and working off of each others creative energy.  We kind of feel like if there was a wedding photographer/cinematographer version of Captain Planet, we would be that super hero team.  Jeff, Adam, and the rest of their team create BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL “Cinematic Love Stories”, as they call them.  We admittedly lust over them, and you should too.

A few weddings we’ve worked on together…
The epic Bellino Wedding: Watch their video here >>
The epic Heit Wedding: Watch their video here >>

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