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Omaha Wedding Photographer | It’s Wedding Season Y’all!

Wedding season is in full force now at JM Studios and we couldn’t be more excited!  We’re really, really fortunate that we have such awesome clients every year and get to work with really great vendors repeatedly!  What do we love about weddings so much?  Besides our clients…we honestly really love seeing our couples and families in love..we love wedding mints (Janine especially)…we love quirky Uncle Mike’s…we love to hear what the new hit bridal party song is (McKenzie especially)…we love dinner rolls…the kid who thinks our flash system is a microphone…the new trends in wedding and bridal party attire…and we really love shooting with each other.  A lot.  We also really love going above and beyond to make your wedding images incredible.  We hear a lot of, “We didn’t realize you’d get so into this…”  Well folks…this is what that looks like…

Happy wedding season!  Hope to see ya on the dance floor soon!

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