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Omaha Senior Photographer

This is the time of year when we are HOPPING here at the studio.  Weddings are in full swing.  Seniors are in full force.  Fall family photos are beginning.  The calendar is looking soooo full- and we love that you all love moments and documenting your lives as much as we do.

Ally is another one of our awesome Marian girls.  The Marian and Duchesne girls may not know it. . . but they are in a tight competition here on who are our favorite.  :) These girls simply have it together and Ally is definitely no exception.

Name: Allison Kmiecik
Nickname: AllyGator
School: Marian
Hobby: speech team, dance team, newspaper staff, student board
Favorite band/songs: Shake it off, Taylor swift
Dream job: kindergarten teacher
Fav movie: princess diaries
Why you loved JM STUDIOS: they made me feel professional, comfortable, relaxed, and confident all at the same time. The pictures and poses made me feel like she was capturing my personality In a Professional way


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