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Omaha Birth Photographer | Welcome Liam

I have been anticipating this birth for months!  Nikki emailed me a few months before she was due, and I was so excited because she turned out to be the wife of a very good, old friend of mine.  It’s SO exciting to see the life changes of the people you haven’t seen in years.  This was baby number 3 for these Nikki and Richard, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to document it for them.  Nikki was going to be delivering at the Bellevue birthing center with the help of her amazing doula, also dear friend of mine, Danielle.  I got a message late on Valentine’s Day that Nikki thought this was the real deal and she’d let me know when they were going to head out the door.  Very shortly after, I got another message saying that they were going to head out…followed by a message from Danielle, the doula, saying “you better jam…it’s coming fast”…so I FLEW out the door.  I was SO excited that this was happening…and it was going to be my first all natural birth…and a water birth, at that.  So I get to the birthing center, bust through the door, ask where everyone is…and out they walk with a baby.  I missed it.  They baby came SO FAST that I missed it.  I was devastated because I wanted to capture this for them…but so happy that he arrived safely and like a champion.  That’s the reality of birth photography though…you just never know what’s going to happen.  I documented the first moments with baby Liam and his parents, which were just as sweet as could be.  I’m honestly AMAZED with Nikki.  She is incredible at having babies.  She had a crazy fast natural birth, and for that, I applaud her.  She was up and walking around just minutes after she delivered.  I will never forget this birth story.  I remember just standing there, literally in awe, that she just had a baby.  She looked like she just took a little jog around the block.  Richard was so supportive and proud of her.  It was a true delight to see.

A few days after Liam was born, I went to Nikki and Richards house to document a little portion of their life with their 2 other kids.  I love how it was just so natural for them to have this sweet little boy thrown into the mix of their family.  Nikki, Richard, and kids…CONGRATULATIONS on welcoming Liam to the world and thank you for letting me into your lives for a short moment!

  • April 23, 2014 - 1:51 pm

    Danielle Miles - Beautiful, as always, Mac. It was the fastest one for me too. Wow!!! Congratulations, Nikki and Richard.

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