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Omaha Birth Photographer | Welcome Jonah

Every birth story is different, and that’s what part of the excitement is for me.  I think everyone has a story to tell in each point in their life…you just have to find a way to document it.

I’ve known Mary and Dustin for years.  I basically grew up side by side to Mary’s family.  Her sister and I were great friends and co-athletes together all through school and I spent many a nights at their house playing school in their basement and having slumber parties.  Their dad coached with my dad until we were too old to be coached by them, and I would absolutely call their entire family, friends for life.  I also graduated with Dustin!  It’s crazy how you spend so much time as an awkward pre-teen and teenager with someone…then 13 years later, you’re documenting a completely incredible time in their adult life that you never thought would be real when you’re just trying to make it through Mr. Benzing’s Government class. So this was an interesting roll for me.  An exciting one…and a treasured one.  There is something SO incredible and delicate about documenting for the people you know so well.  It’s one of those situations where you know each other SO well that they trust you completely…but also know each other SO well that they require some privacy too.  So doing something custom and special for them, was a pleasure.

Mary and Dustin wanted the birth of their second son documented…just not the actual birth.  The next best thing?  Documenting their first son being introduced to the new baby, along with their family right after the baby was born.  This is just as important as documenting the actual birth!  This is not only a huge life change for them as parents, but a huge life change for their son!  Jared has only known how it is to be the only kid in the house…so seeing his life multiply in a moment was a big one for him!

Mary and Dustin went into their scheduled c-section early, early, in the morning and her parents and sister sat and played with Jared in the waiting room.  It was SO sweet and fun to wait with them.  Jared was pumped.  He couldn’t wait to see his new brother…and he couldn’t wait to see mom and dad too.  When it was time to go back, I think Jared would have sprinted the whole way down the hospital hallway if he was allowed.  Watching him in awe of his new baby brother was seriously precious.  Jared makes my heart melt.  Not only does he say the funniest things, but he says the SWEETEST things that constantly make me hold my heart.  He was always making sure mom was ok…and saying “the baby is safe”…and the best of all, that the “baby is gorgeous”.  What?!  Yes…this sweet little boy kept saying his baby brother was GORGEOUS.  Jared was very protective of his new baby brother, and made sure we cold only peak at Jonah’s full head of hair for a second, so he wouldn’t get cold.  Not only was it special seeing how excited Jared was to see his brother, but to also see how excited Mary and Dustin were to show him to Jared.  It was a celebration for them, and I loved that.  You know…I go into these life moments knowing the subject I’m going to document…yeah, it’s a birth, but what’s the story?  My goal is to tell the story of the day, or the wedding, or the birth…but this story, was honestly about brothers and celebrating family.  And life.  This birth story wasn’t about agonizing pain, or exhaustion, or simply one baby being born…or any of that other stuff.  This story was about family.  And togetherness.  And support.  A whole new life adventure to come.  And most of all…so much love.

Mary, Dustin, Jared, and Jonah…congratulations.  It meant the world to me to be a part of this.  Thank you for trusting me and letting me tell the story of your growing family in such an important way.  Thank you for understanding the importance of a moment and letting me run with it! I can’t wait to see where life and these sweet boys take you!


  • April 24, 2014 - 11:48 am

    Nancy Bleth - Fantastic pictures and story. Thank you, McKenzie. We appreciate you!!!!!

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