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Omaha Birth Photographer | Welcome Ivy

Basically, babies are amazing.  Birth is amazing.  And every time I shoot one, I think “it’s completely bazaar that women can do this”.  I was asked again today, “Why on earth do you love shooting births?!”  Where to start?  First of all, I LOVE weddings.  I love the emotions of a wedding day and all the relationships that are brought onto the table.  I love documenting a commitment and preserving how you feel in your images.  And let’s be honest, I’m a girl…and I love pretty dresses, pretty flowers, and romantic slow dances just as much as the next.  BUT, I LOVE love, in general.  And the birth of a child, is a whole different kind of love.  Births are amazing, because usually, they’re unplanned.  And even if they are planned, there’s always an “unknown” of whats going to happen.  And I love that.  I love being able to document something without any expectations what-so-ever…the only thing I know that will happen, is love.  And that, in itself, is beautiful.  I love documenting births because there’s little planning involved, and whatever is planned, kinda gets tossed out the window.  There is no fuss over makeup…no fuss over dresses and tuxedo rentals…no limos…just you and the one you love, bringing love into the world.  And it’s insane.  It is completely insane that I get to do this for people.  It is such a privilege and honor that I take so seriously.  It requires SO MUCH trust from my clients to allow me to make such images…and I’m forever grateful.  I was also asked today, “but…isn’t it gross?” and I just laughed.  Here’s the deal…when I’m shooting, I literally think I’m invisible.  You know how in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, he tells the little boy that if he wears his sunglasses he’s invisible to the world?  That’s me and my camera.  I literally think I’m invisible.  It’s ridiculous.  But it’s true.  And honestly, that’s not the exciting part for me.  Have I seen gross stuff?  Sure.  But I didn’t realize I saw it until I was editing.;)

ANYWAYS…meet Ivy.  Ivy was born on a chilly night in November right before Thanksgiving.  Her parents and big sister are awesome.  I told Janine when I was done for the night that “We had a lovely time…” like we were just hanging out.  Jessica is made for delivering babies.  She might not think that, but she is.  :)  What was SO special about their birth story, is that Ivy’s big sister, Piper, got to the hospital right before she was born.  Seeing Piper become a big sister was nothing short of awesome.

So Miss Ivy came…swiftly, believe it or not, after a day of walking around without much progression, and everything was perfect.


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