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No Rain

What a wedding weekend! We had a BEAUTIFUL outdoor ceremony at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday. The forecast called for showers to begin at 3:30. The ceremony was also called to start at 3:30. It started to rain right before it started and we had to make a quick decision to go on with the wedding or move it to the rain location. The amazing wedding planner, Angie Teply, decided we would go on with the show. Right before the processional began, the rain stopped and we had a great ceremony. Here are our new couple, the bride running for cover, and her face so relieved when the rain stopped. Congratulations!

  • October 3, 2006 - 12:17 am

    Anonymous - Thanks Janine. You’re pretty amazing yourself. Love the photo of Kelly & Terry in front of the train! Can’t wait to see the rest!

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