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Nick & Tiffany | Omaha Engagement Session

Meet Nick and Tiffany…

They are DARLING!  I could not be more excited for this couple and their wedding!  Their proposal story is amazing.  Amazing.  Nick and Tiffany had their first date at a local favorite of ours right here in Dundee…the Dundee Double Shot coffee shop.  A few months after their first date, Nick and Tiffany were out doing a little Geocaching.  Now…if you don’t know what this is (like I did not until recently), basically what it is, in McKenzie terms, is an amazing scavenger hunt all over the world.  People hide little containers with a log of “finders” and sometimes leave little treasures.  You log onto the official Geocaching site and look for clues.  Nick and Tiffany had heard that there was a Geocache at the Dundee Double Shot…so they went looking for it.  Nick contacted the official Geocaching site and got them to play along too.  For a short period of time they changed the clue so that Tiffany would find the Geocache, open up the hidden container, and find the treasure…an engagement ring.  I know I’m not doing the story the justice it deserves…but it’s the most unique engagement story I’ve had to date.  They blew my socks off.  Here’s the link to the Geocache and a little “shout out” to them as a couple.  :)  It only seemed fitting to do some coffee drinking at their first date spot and engagement spot.  It was fun was to hear them tell their story to the barista there and hear her say, “OH!  That’s you guys?!  I heard all about it!”  They’re a legend!


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