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New Year

I haven’t blogged in so long as we were trying to make it through the holidays! Well, we finally made it and are so grateful to all our 2007 clients. Thank you all for allowing us to create memories for you in an artistic and meaninful way!!! WE LOVE YOU!
So, I have so much to share on the blog! So I don’t get too overwhelmed I’ll just try to break it up into small posts every couple of days.
First is Jackie! Jackie lives in Dundee so she found me by just walking in and looking at my albums. I knew when I met her that her maternity session would be a ton of fun. I was right! I was thrilled when she brought her Mom along for the shoot. They were obviously so close and so excited. It was great to capture that for them.
Congratulations Jackie! I can’t wait to meet your lil’ guy!

  • January 12, 2008 - 4:27 pm

    Melissa E Earle - Hello!
    I stumbled upon your blog with the help of my blog designer, Madeline ;)
    I love these images here! This prego lady is so happy and you captured her beautifully! Love it
    -Melissa E Earle

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