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Meet Evelyn. | Omaha Birth Photography

Birth photography is an absolute passion of mine, and there will be A LOT of posts coming up about this.  This particular story:

Due to traveling, I was unable to be present for the birth of baby Evelyn.  BUT, I was there to document the day after baby Evelyn’s birth, being with her family in the hospital, and that was so, so, special.  Why are documenting things like this important?  Because LIFE happens.  What seems like an ordinary hospital shoot to you, is actually much, much more than that.  Mama and I were planning on documenting her birth, because her husband wasn’t supposed to be present for it. He has been training out of state to be deployed to Afghanistan…and will leave for there any day now…after Evelyn is only a few short weeks old.  He was able to make it home for the birth, and that’s the important part.  That’s why these are important. Years from now they’re going to look back at them and remember this crazy and joyful time in their life.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


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