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Life is short- Moments matter

A couple of weeks ago I did what I always do on the weekend.  I got up and got my gear ready, put my usual black outfit on and excitedly ran out the door to photograph a wedding.  I loved my couple and new it would be a great day full of fun. 

What I didn’t know was how they would let me into their life. 

The way I shoot requires my couples to have a lot of trust in me.  I may not take the “typical” photos.  I very often will be found laying somewhere on the floor or climbing on something.  I am sure people think, “what is that crazy photographer doing”.  But when people do let me in and give me total trust- something magical can happen. 

And something magical did happen.  Everything was a normal wedding day.  I had been told that Grandpa wasn’t doing very well during one of our meetings.  He may or may not make it to the wedding.  I remember telling my second shooter on the way that if Grandpa walked in, you better believe one of us better get a photo of it.  Well, Grandpa was too sick to come. 

Being such a close family, Grandpa could not be left out of the wedding day.  The trolley had to make a special stop after the wedding.  I had found out days earlier that my own Grandpa was not going to be with us much longer.  I KNEW that this image was the most important one of the day.  It HAD to be made.  This generation is special.  This man is special.  The family he created is special.  

Be vunerable and feel- it is okay to let the camera take those photos too.   Don’t let the important things go undocumented.  Thank you for giving me your trust S family.  I will blog the rest of the gorgeous wedding another day- I don’t want this photo to get lost in a bunch of others.  It is one of my very favorite I have ever had the privilege of taking.

  • November 15, 2011 - 7:52 pm

    Krissy - Most beautiful photo, ever.

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