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Gerry + Erin | Omaha Wedding Photographer

Erin and Gerry are probably the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever met.  Truthfully.  And what an incredible day this was.  This was a day full of love.  This was a day about life.  This was a day about becoming a family.  What I loved about getting to know Erin and Gerry in our time together is how much Gerry wanted Erin to have this experience.  EXPERIENCE, people.  Experience.  It wasn’t about WHAT dress she picked or WHAT flowers she wanted.  It was about the experience of trying on dresses and finding a one she loved…it was about the experience of going to the florist and deciding what she’d love to have on her wedding day.  And I think that is an INCREDIBLE lesson to teach and learn.  Yes, you are quite literally planning and arranging a massive event…but you have to remember that with that planning and arranging, you’re going through once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and you should relish in them.  And she did.  They both did.  What I also loved about their wedding was how they cared so much about the day and memories of Gerry’s two sons.  Gerry and Erin had a countdown to the wedding at their home and I have never seen two kids be so excited for the day to finally be there!  They were bursting at the seams and their joy made my heart explode.  What I think is amazing is how much the boys wanted Erin to have this experience too.  You could just feel that THEY wanted her to have the best day too.  It was such a genuine feeling…and I think that’s a pretty special feeling you get from 2 young guys.  My heart melted every time I heard “Ewin…happy wedding day” from a sweet little voice.

I could go on and on about how her dress was gorgeous…how the flowers were perfect…how the bridesmaid dresses were flawless…but those honestly don’t light a candle to how the day FELT and the memories that were made.  Even just for me.  Erin’s face lit up when she put on her dress.  You could feel her giddiness.  The boys sprinting out of the church to see Erin for the first time.  Gerry’s overwhelmed face as his bride walked down the isle.  The gentleman in the back overwhelmed with emotion as Ave Maria was sang (yes…I saw you crying).  Sleepy, worn out boys in hammocks.  Eating cake before dinner because it was melting from the heat.  Gerry’s mom squealing, “Welcome to my kitchen!” as they danced their spotlight dance together with more spunk than I’ve ever seen in a mother/son dance.  Erin’s mom and her family singing at the top of their lungs to Bon Jovi.  Gerry tying his tie around Erin’s train to make it a little cooler at the end of the evening.  And of course, my wedding bucket list item of dancing with the groom, can now officially be crossed off.

Erin, Gerry, Joe, Patrick, and your sweet, sweet family and friends:  Thank you.  You have no idea what your day and getting to know you all briefly has done for my heart.  You are fantastic role models on how to love and how to experience life organically.  You are going to create so many more memories.  I’ve never been so sure.  Congratulations!


Ceremony: St. John’s – Valley, NE
Flowers: Flowerama
Catering: Attitude on Food – heads up…their food was the best food I’ve ever had.  Not even just as wedding food.  As in, ever.
Reception: Strohm Vineyards – Ft. Calhoun, NE
Music – Complete Music

omaha wedding photographer0001omaha wedding photographer0002omaha wedding photographer0003omaha wedding photographer0004omaha wedding photographer0005omaha wedding photographer0006PS – this photo below is my new favorite picture of all time.omaha wedding photographer0007omaha wedding photographer0008omaha wedding photographer0009omaha wedding photographer0010omaha wedding photographer0011omaha wedding photographer0012omaha wedding photographer0013omaha wedding photographer0014omaha wedding photographer0015omaha wedding photographer0016omaha wedding photographer0017omaha wedding photographer0019omaha wedding photographer0020I have to give serious props to my assistant Mia on this one below.  I LOVE the moment she captured here.  It tells such a story to me.  Yeah…it’s their wedding reception, but at the end of the day, they’re not just a bride and groom.  They’re parents.:)omaha wedding photographer0022omaha wedding photographer0023omaha wedding photographer0024omaha wedding photographer0025omaha wedding photographer0027omaha wedding photographer0028omaha wedding photographer0029omaha wedding photographer0026omaha wedding photographer0030

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