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Easy and Fun

Families are not always easy to photograph.  There are mulitple people you have to worry about looking right, maybe a dog or two, and a lot of personalities!  When everyone is happy and smiling and playful it is a rare day- but a great day!  Thats how this shoot went- just easy and fun.  I was thinking about what made it that way and came up with a few hints that this family did:

They always give full creative power to me.  When I asked once  if they had any ideas or must have things Brynn answered, “I am not a photographer- do what you do!”  The is always empowering to an artist.

Also, they are comfortable with me.  I’ve been photographing them since Alex was a peanut.  They know the routine, they trust the result and the kids recognize me.  It is actually a great thing to have a family photographer that grows with your family.  You’ll get much more genuine photos in the long run.


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