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Boys Town Wedding Ceremony | Bob + Carmen

When I met Bob and Carmen, I knew with my whole heart that they would have a day I would love.  Not just a day, but that they would also have amazing people surrounding them.  They really knew what this day…this moment in time…was about.  They couldn’t wait to celebrate their love and marriage with all of their dearest friends and family…the people that truly meant the most to them, and they succeeded 10-fold.  I have never seen such a rally of people not only loving Bob and Carmen, but each other.  You know you’re in the presence of good people when everyone you encounter raves on about how wonderful and caring Bob and Carmen are.

I have SO many favorite moments from their wedding day.  Carmen’s dogs helping her get ready…Bob’s tears of joy when his son and daughter arrived…Bob’s tears as Carmen came down the aisle…basically, Bob’s tears all day.  :)  I loved how present Carmen was and how her faith encompassed her.  I can still feel and hear her emotional exhale as she heard Oceans play in the church as their loving guests filled the pews.  They had a beautiful ceremony on the Boystown Campus followed by a mini cocktail hour at Pitch Pizzeria in West Omaha.

Bob, Carmen, and their guests DANCED the night away at the always gorgeous Indian Creek.  Carmen’s dad sang to them before they danced, Bob had the best garter removal I’ve ever seen, and everyone loved on each other in the greatest way.

Bob and Carmen, THANK YOU so much for having me be a part of your amazing day.  Witnessing the incredible love you have for each other and those around you warmed my heart in a million ways.  You are an incredible team together and I can only imagine the adventures you’ll go on from here!


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