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Abby + Big Guy | Estes Park, Colorado Wedding | Omaha Wedding Photographers

In lieu of the first weekend of College Football…we have a pretty awesome blog post for you today.

Let’s get this out in the open…Janine is a Nebraska Husker fan.  McKenzie is an Iowa Hawkeye fan.  BUT, we love our clients SO much, that we’ll even become an Iowa State fan for the weekend, just to gain the trust and adoration of our clients.  Call us fair-weather fans…call us wishy-washy…we can take it.  But…we love what we do.:)

You may remember Abby and Big Guy’s (a.k.a. Brandon) Iowa State tailgating engagement session from last fall.  We seriously had a blast doing this, because we got to do what we LOVE to do.  Document real life.

We hit the road in our Iowa State gear and headed to Estes Park, Colorado to shoot Abby and Big Guy’s wedding at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau.

There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than a destination wedding, but what we loved the most, is how special it was for them as a family, and as friends.  Truthfully, they probably could have gotten married in the most horrifying of locations, and it still would have been amazing, because they love each other so much…their family loves them so much…and their friends love them so much.

The day started out with the risk of rain, and Abby hates loathes rain.  And what’s funny about it, is it actually HAILED at their rehearsal the night before.  Hailed.  But everyone was so positive, and so excited about them sharing the day together, that the little risk of rain was peanuts to their excitement.  When Abby and Big Guy saw each other for the first time, the skies cleared up after some light sprinkles, and they ended up with the most beautiful day.  We felt it was a pretty good sign.

Some of our favorite moments of the day:
* The reaction of Abby’s friends and family when she turned around after getting her wedding dress on.  There were cheers and claps.  There should always be cheers and claps!

* Cruising through the Rocky Mountains in the most awesome RV in all the land.  It seriously is.  We feel like this camper holds so many memories for this family already, that now there has been a wedding party gallivanting the Rockies in it.  There were honks…there were laughs…there were beers…there were “wiener wellingtons”…it was so much fun!

* Abby and Big Guy’s family and friends giving the sweetest toasts.  The spoke of loving hard and passionately.  Everyone should be so lucky to get this kind of love in their life.

There is so much love between these two.  And even more love as a group.  We couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of this day. We are so incredibly grateful that we get to travel to beautiful places like this do document such an important day.  The trust that they put into us is something we will never take for granted, and we feel so special that they chose us to do it.  Abby and Big Guy…please have lots and lots of babies immediately.  Yes.  We’re just throwing it out there.  We’d also like for you to have them, in the RV, during an Iowa State game. . . just sayin’.



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