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    Welcome to our blog!  This is where we will be posting sneak peaks from spending time with our clients, little goodies we come across to help with planning your wedding or shoot and personal tidbits about our life.

    Life is joyful, messy, hilarious, awkward, big and everything in between...and that's what we love. We love to tell the story of your life as it is, because that's what will matter at your 50th wedding anniversary. Weddings aren't about dresses, bow ties, and mason jars...they're about you and your best friend since 4th grade; they're about your dad walking his baby down the isle; they're about grooms crying in public for the first time since elementary school. They're about life...a big life...and that's the good stuff.

    Drop by often, sit back with a good cup o' Joe and enjoy!

It was awesome to be a part of Molly and Luke’s wedding because I also got to shoot Molly’s sister’s wedding.  There is no better feeling than being able to show up and know the people because we are already all friends! I remember doing their wedding party photos downtown and. . . the goose!- Janine

1. My favorite memory is knowing we were together with our closest friends and family celebrating us. It’s so fun to look at our album and see everyone’s huge smiles.

2. I loved seeing everything come together. You have all these important decisions to make like flowers and cakes and will the tablecloths look good with the centerpieces. Seeing the reception all put together felt so magical.

3. My advice is to get a wedding binder started. This was my moms idea and I’m so glad I have it, 9 years later. It helped as we were planning and it’s so fun to look back on. We stuck all the papers for different vendors in their dividers so it was organized and we knew right where to look. I have friends that ask to see my binder for ideas. I’m really excited to show my daughter the binder even though everything will probably be way outdated!

I also just have to add how thankful I am you got a picture of a goose with Luke and I. He’s a hunter and as we were taking pictures in the old market he saw a goose and really wanted a picture with it. Do you remember? Anyway It’s a full page in our album and it makes me so happy because he didn’t have any wedding requests but this picture means a lot to him.


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The 2016 Senior Model Castings for JM Studios have begun.  We are currently seeking students from all the area high schools to act as representatives of  our studio. We have big plans for our JM Studios Seniors this year!  We launched a new senior website, new pricing, new shoots, new intagram- and TONS OF FUN.  We want you to be in on the action!  If you are a junior or know a junior who would love to be catered to in their shoot- please apply! Throughout 2015 your images will be used on marketing, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Who Can Apply?

If you will be graduating in the class of 2016, we want you!  Do you have to be a super model? No! Just be fun, outgoing and excited about our studio, your senior pictures and your friends senior pictures!  We will only select a few senior models from each school so get your application in now!  If you have close friends you think might make a great senior model, please share this page with them.

How Do I Apply?

It’s simple- shoot us an email and we’ll send you the application!  We will evaluate all applications to see if you are a good fit.  Selected Models will be notified  email with more information.  The deadline for applications is April 15, 2015- yep you have to be on it!

Does it cost me to apply?

There is no fee to be a senior model, but if chosen, you will be required to commit to our studio for your senior portraits.  We will take a $100 down payment at your initial meeting that will be applied to your senior session print order.  So ultimately, you will be paying for your senior portraits but as a model you will receive special discounts and unique offers no one else will get.

If I Am Chosen As One Of Your Models, When Do We Have Our First Shoot?

If selected, we will have a mini session with you in April of 2015.  You must be able to commit to shooting the mini session in order to participate.  Mini sessions are about 30 minutes and used to create marketing pieces for our spokes models.

What I Get In Return For Being A Senior Model?

– A complimentary mini session, possibly including in-studio and on-location scenes with photographer and assistant
– Be among the first to be photographed with the newest backgrounds, props and locations
– 1/2 off senior session
– Your own smartphone app to share images with friends and get referrals
– 5 custom Facebook and Instagram images
– A free High Resolution Digital File with any referral that books a session with us (no limit to how many you can earn!)
– Friends that you refer get a $25 print credit and a free High Resolution Digital File

Our studio now offers digital sessions as well as traditional!  Email us today!




Winter weddings are some of my favorite.  They are cool, crisp, and just not the norm- gotta love that!  Adam and Liz’s ceremony was at First Christian Church.  The light that pours through this atrium is a photographer’s dream.  The incorporated many of the things they love. . . including their 2 adorable dog babies.  They held their reception at the Omaha Marriott, we grazed on a delicious candy bar and danced away to the Robert Glaser led Sing Sing Swing Orchestra.

Congrats you two- I’m sure I’ll run into you at the zoo:)


I remember having a blast at the Blue Jay between Sara and Paul’s ceremony and reception.  Their group of friends were crazy, and fun and I loved every second of it!- Janine


My favorite memory is walking down the aisle with my dad and my son, while locking eyes my future husband as I made my way to the front of the church. I got to share that special moment with the three most important guys in my life.

My day was stress free. I let the professionals do what they were hired to do and didn’t try and micromanage everything. There was no point in sweating the small stuff. This was one of the most important days of my life, and I made sure I was going to enjoy every second of it…and I did! I was a practical bride. Yes, I wanted our wedding to be special and unique, but I didn’t want to spend a ton on novelty things that would never be used again. I spent money on things I felt mattered the most.