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    Welcome to our blog!  This is where we will be posting sneak peaks from spending time with our clients, little goodies we come across to help with planning your wedding or shoot and personal tidbits about our life.

    Life is joyful, messy, hilarious, awkward, big and everything in between...and that's what we love. We love to tell the story of your life as it is, because that's what will matter at your 50th wedding anniversary. Weddings aren't about dresses, bow ties, and mason jars...they're about you and your best friend since 4th grade; they're about your dad walking his baby down the isle; they're about grooms crying in public for the first time since elementary school. They're about life...a big life...and that's the good stuff.

    Drop by often, sit back with a good cup o' Joe and enjoy!

We are so excited for Austin and Michelle’s wedding in Harlan, Iowa this Saturday!  They’re just a couple of funny love birds who can’t wait to get married! They’re also complete jokesters…primarily Austin is, anyways.  For example…he froze their final payment (apparently the chance was to weight it down) in a block of ice and delivered it to my house…

Congrats you crazy cats!

McKenzie and Janine


On Mother’s day we celebrate all of those who have the heart of a mother.  Whether you are sleep deprived with littles, sleep deprived with teenagers, miss your Mom, or desperately want to be a Mom- you are all heroes.  Because really- we just love love.  It was awesome to shoot so many moms at our mini sessions- thank you for getting in front of the camera!

a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles- Christopher Reeve



  • May 10, 2015 - 12:50 pm

    Wanda - Thanks Janine you made that day so special and the pictures are amazing!