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    Welcome to our blog!  This is where we will be posting sneak peaks from spending time with our clients, little goodies we come across to help with planning your wedding or shoot and personal tidbits about our life.

    Life is joyful, messy, hilarious, awkward, big and everything in between...and that's what we love. We love to tell the story of your life as it is, because that's what will matter at your 50th wedding anniversary. Weddings aren't about dresses, bow ties, and mason jars...they're about you and your best friend since 4th grade; they're about your dad walking his baby down the isle; they're about grooms crying in public for the first time since elementary school. They're about life...a big life...and that's the good stuff.

    Drop by often, sit back with a good cup o' Joe and enjoy!

I remember this day so well.  These guys are just gorgeous.  They are beautiful on the outside- but also on the inside.  They love each other like crazy and that came through the entire day.  I also remember their big family and how they all just loved each other.  Ashley now has a little precious girl who happens to be only a few days older than my Millie! – Janine

1. It is so hard to choose my favorite wedding moment but it is between the special moment with my dad before we walked down the isle or after we were married my husband and I walking out of the ceremony as newly weds!

2.What I loved about my day was the fact that all of our “people” were there. They were there to celebrate our love and we could all be at one place at one time!

3. Take time to enjoy every moment, it goes so fast. Also, whatever happens on your wedding day will be perfect no matter if it goes as planned or not, thats what makes it YOUR special day! So don’t stress, RELAX and have fun!omaha wedding photographer

We’re doing our annual Mother’s Day mini sessions…not ON Mother’s Day, but FOR Mother’s Day!

Omaha Photographer + Mother

WHY, you may ask?  Because typically, as moms, we’re always the ones behind the iPhone snapping pics of our kids and selfies with our kids.  Fortunately, my mother took amazing photos of my sister and I when we were little.  We have GOBS of photos of us, and with our dad, but not many of us with her in them.  And I wish we did.  So for your kids sake…get in some photos!  You’ll be happy you did.  If you’re considered a mom in ANY way, shape, or form…this is for you.  Please join us Thursday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 26th.  It’s a great gift FOR you and to give.  Book here!

Because this is fine:
Omaha PhotographerBut this is awesome:
Omaha Photographer

I remember the transportation showing up late to the wedding.  It was really hot out and the wedding party was standing outside of the church waiting for them to arrive. They didn’t let that ruffle their feathers though- pretty sure they just cracked open some cold ones!  I also remember being in awe of their gorgeous venue.  It was a photographers dream:) They have the most beautiful family now and it makes my heart so happy to photograph their babies. – Janine

When I think back to our wedding, almost 7 years ago, the first and most cherished memory that comes to mind is that of our first dance. In that moment, nothing else mattered. All I saw was my husband and the future we would have together. And, of course, wedding stress– gone.

The thing I loved most about our wedding day was that it brought our families and friends together. Some traveled across oceans to be with us for the big day, and to have them there was truly special. My husband and his friends, all pilots in the Air Force, are rarely all in the same place at the same time, and when they’re together you know they are going to make it worth it!

My advice? Soak it all in. It happens in a blur.

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omaha wedding photographer

I LOVED a different wedding that reflects who a couple is.  I LOVED that these guys went to church together and then stayed around afterward to get married.  I won’t forget watching them in church as they held hands, prayed, and worshiped while they knew that their wedding was next.  I also remember it was VBS Sunday at church that weekend so there were a lot of little kiddos  :)- Janine

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Favorite Memory – going to Sunday morning church with all of our family and wedding guests before our wedding ceremony started.

What did I love about my day – It was one of the least stressful weekends of my whole life. I didn’t worry about a thing because we kept it so simple. I’ve never been that calm!

Advice – quality not quantity. We had 50 of our closest family and friends join us for our small town wedding. Because everything was so simple and easy about the entire weekend, I remember every detail and was able to spend quality time celebrating with those who I love the most! If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a single thing!

omaha wedding photographer

I was smitten with these guys.  I had never met them.  That is many times the case with our out of town brides.  We clicked on the phone and I knew it was going to be a special day.  I remember showing up and was trying to wear the perfect black outfit because theses guys were cool- oh photographer problems.  I remember gut wrenching laughing.  I remember one of the most stunning gowns.  . . the coolest venue. . . the best flowers . . . and the dancing.  Definitely the dancing:)– Janine


Hi! Favorite memory was walking down the aisle and never taking my eyes off of Timmy. Someone have me that advice before my wedding: keep your eyes on your guy. There are so many people you know in the crowd that the temptation is to wave at everyone. It makes such a nice intimate moment to share though if you keep looking at your future husband.

I loved seeing everyone together from different phases of my life. My college friends got to hang with my present day friends. It was great to have all those people I love together to see them interact.

My advice is: comfort at the reception. Bring fun comfy shoes with you to change into (I had gold glittery Toms slip ons). Also lose the Spanx at the reception if you can. It made dancing so much easier.

Timmy adds: I’d also like to add the spontaneous group dancing to Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now… It was like a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie.


omaha wedding photographer